First Review! Moto X


Ok, first things first, I LOVE Motorola. I had the DROID RaZr, and I loved it more than my first poem (I had written in my college days).

Their hardware looks wayyyyy better than Samsung and is as durable as Sony, if not better. However, something went wrong along the way and I heard the company shut down, then started again, then shut down again and finally was bought by the Big Daddy Google.

The new logo helped surge new hopes. With Google in the scene now, people expected a lot from Motorola. And all those good things to come, debuted with the Moto X. Honestly, I will shy away from using the term “Flagship” cause I personally don’t think it is one.

The Core

The phone is 4.7″, the same size as the Nexus 4. Comes with 4.2.2 and is running a semi-stock version of the Android OS. This, cause we were categorically told a Google Play Edition is in the works.

Visual changes apart, there is one thing that makes this phone truly unique. The “touch-less voice commands”. Yes. With Moto X, Google introduces the “Ok Glass…” version for phones, dubbed “Ok Google Now…”. This to me is a real game-changer. While Apple was busy giving the age-old iOS a make-over, Google was seriously putting effort (and money), behind innovation.

But, sadly, the Moto X ads don’t talk much about this awesome feature. They talk more about customizability, about how it assembled in the US. The fact that there will be 504 variants available is a bit too much for me to digest. I don’t know what they were trying to tell people, “One for each”, “Make your own” or something like that. Over and above two faceplate variants (black and white), there are a few hundred backplate variants. And yes, there is a wooden plate too, at which I quite frankly cringed. This is the age of wearable gadgets, not Stone-Age!

But I will give it to Google for this one. It has worked for them (at least so far).

But what were my expectations?

A whopping 4 GB RAM, 5″ screen, a ultra-high res display with 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, or 440 pixels per inch , Octa-Core! It’s called Moto X for god’s sake!

Big Fish in a small pond or Small Fish in a big pond?

But here is where I contradict myself because I exactly know what Google is doing (or at least I assume I know). It is focusing of mid-tier market. It is very easy for Google to release a phone with the specs I just mentioned, but it is refraining itself. Why?

It’s called Business and this is how it is done.

Google doesn’t need another flagship. It already has the HTC One, the Galaxy S4, The Google Play Edition for both and of course, on the home turf, the Nexus 4. Moto X is different, because it doesn’t need to join the ranks of these heavyweights. It is happy being in the mid-tier market, because it knows it can be the King.


Moto X isn’t phenomenal…it is perfect. Perfect if you want a good Android device but dont’t want to sell your car for it.


It will be available on various carriers, namely AT&T, T-Mobile Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular at the end of this August or at the beginning of September. The 16GB model is going to cost $199 and the 32GB variant, $249.

The best part is, Google might even sell it directly from the Play Store!


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