Tizen and Jane



Back in the early days, when Samsung introduced the i7500 to the world, there was anything but a flutter in the market. HTC had already shown the world what Android looked like and Samsung was late to the proverbial party.

That didn’t stop the Korean behemoth from slowly taking over, plaguing the market with devices of all shapes, sizes and specifications.

But the launch of Galaxy S4 in March 2013, was different, stark different. As from the looks of it, the relationship between Google and Samsung, the two tech giants, is nearly over.

Thanks but no thanks

S4 was shown in New York, following a number of leaks and anticipation of weeks. However, what was different in the Broadway-style musical was the mention of Android that came not just late but also more like a namesake, than a hero.

So what does this indicate? Well to begin with, Samsung doesn’t need Android anymore. It can and will continue to make plasticky phones with or without the Search Giant in the picture.

Call it evil, call it business, but Samsung has stepped on Google’s shoulder and crossed the river. Now all Samsung needs is an OS. What good is all that RAM, megapixels and cores without a good OS right?

And that’s why, in a secret lab somewhere deep within the Korean land, was born Tizen.

Afraid, who me?

Samsung and Android have had a long standing partnership so far. So what made Samsung invest money and time in its own OS?

Samsung is a bit of a seer. They can see deep into the future and I will give it to them for this.

Recollecting from an article I had read much before even the S3 was launched, it said there was a growing sense of discomfort inside the walls of Google. Why? People associated Android with Samsung, and NOT Google. Fair enough. But by that logic, Google needs to distance itself from Samsung, and not the other way round. Right? Wrong.

Samsung knew exactly what was going on inside Google (seers I tell you), and they quickly jumped into action. They gave it some thought, devised a strategy and allocated funds.

If Google had any doubts that Samsung would survive without them, that doubt was crushed into a million little pieces and spread all around in the Google campus.

It was their way of saying, “Afraid, who me?”

Rocky road ahead

Does all this leave Google in a lurch? Not really. Google has OEMs lining up at its doorstep. But on the other hand, Google not having Samsung by its side may affect its stocks a bit. It really never ceases to amaze me about people’s opinion towards Samsung. In my strictly personal opinion, they make absolutely horrible looking handsets, use the cheapest material there is, and senselessly beef up the specs with more cores in every new iteration. This to me is recipe for disaster. But that is true in a parallel world somewhere else. Here, people go bonkers over the plastic giant’s (as I lovingly call it) “innovations”.

Tizen and Jane

Tizen is based on Linux, just like Android, Ubuntu for phones, Firefox OS, Jolla Sailfish, the list goes on…
Now is the time when Samsung can claim its true domination over the smartphone market, according to some. They anyways make its own hardware, and now adding a software wing to it, it can control the OS capabilities more than ever.
In short, they are a match made in heaven, at least from Samsung’s perspective. Thus making it nothing short of a fairy-tale love story. And let’s call this one Tizen and Jane.


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