Ancient Civilizations: Far Ahead of our Times



So while doing my regular rounds of the Internet, I stumbled upon something….intriguing.
This is Ancient Aliens, and this is the first season and the very first episode.
I will save you an hour and half, though I recommend you see it as I assure you every minute is worth it. But something at the very end deserves a write up here on my blog.

Conspiracy theory, backed by scientific evidence

At a glance, it looks more like a conspiracy theory, but slowly as it turns scientific, you have no option but to watch in awe.
And these are no ordinary people either. Most of them are doctors, authors, entrepreneurs, scientists. Learned men who know what they are talking about.
Here, they are speaking about civilisations far before our times. Almost, in fact during the times described in the Bible and other holy scriptures around the world, including India.
In fact, India is where it all began, according to them. The ancient Vimana, using technology that is impossible to have existed at that time, is the first baffling object they speak about.
Using hydrogen as fuel, the Vimanas are seen here with blueprints, yes, blueprints that describe what’s under the hood.
There is the bird from Egypt that was so perfectly defined, it took men of our times years to design one. There is also precision cut rocks, which are assumed to be cut with a saw diameter of 35.
But all this is just the mere beginning. The episode ends with a rather strange and extremely novel concept, that I have to admit, I believe could be true. Something even with so much of technological advancement, we are yet unable to produce.
Without further ado, here it is…

Wireless Electricity


Let’s go back in time, one step at a time.

2012: Nokia introduced wireless charging called FatBoy Charging Pillow for its Lumia range of devices a while back. Everyone took notice and everyone loved it.
1891: Let’s go back in time a little more. Nikola Tesla designed and almost made a Wireless Electricity Tower, the Tesla Tower in the United States as he believed everyone should benefit from it, for free. Sadly, his plans were crushed, but the idea gave birth to the modern commercial idea of electricity.
Now, let’s go back even further. During the time the Egyptian Pharaohs were alive and kicking.
And now imagine the same two technological feat I have mentioned above, in this setup.
Shocking isn’t it?
But I suspect this may be true. In fact, what Nikola Tesla tried to do with the Wardenclyffe Tower (or Tesla Tower) in 1901, could actually be an inspiration from the obelisk of Egypt.

The science behind the unbelievable

I know exactly what you are thinking, “So how did they do it?”
Here goes:
“Electricity is created by rotating magnetic fields” explains David Childress, author of Technology of the Gods. The very first power station was built by none other than Tesla, at the Niagara Falls. “You need some sort of rotating powering fields to generate electricity, in our case here, it was water.” continues David Childress.
And similarly, every obelisk had to have a power station to generate that kind of electricity, in order to it being able to throw it out in the atmosphere. And it could have been the river in the backyard, the Nile.
Now imagine a tower/station, in the middle of a deserted land like Egypt, throwing out electricity. But why would the Egyptians need an electricity tower when they didn’t have any iPads, Nokia Lumia 920s, or even plastic phones from Samsung?
They didn’t have any of that, but the show ends with a rather mystical concept. That there were spaceships in the outer orbit, that needed power sources to charge them up.
Now this is where I leave the decision up to you, to either believe it or discard it.
But in the end, I can say one thing for sure, that these civilizations were anything but primitive. In fact, they were far more advanced than we are today.


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