The hottest celebrity couple of Tech Town!



A wedding is one beautiful occasion where friends and family of two people come together who have found a soul mate in each other. The marriage between Nokia and Android is almost on the cards, but we don’t know if they will be declared Man and Wife just yet.

But let’s imagine if the wedding happens for real, what will it be like, who will be invited, who won’t be and who will be a gate crasher.

The pre-wedding preparation

No wedding is complete without its own set of chaos and confusion. There are tons of things to take care of, from the guest list to the venue. From food to the wedding band.

The guest list is not just the media and the tech journos, but pretty much the whole world. That includes some of the loyalists of the plastic giant who go weak in the knees on hearing this couple’s name.

The groom, Nokia, is famous for top-notch hardware and there is not a shred of doubt there. The bride, Android, is constantly switching places with iOS at the number 1 spot in the mobile phone operating system space.

Who wouldn’t want to witness their ‘I do’ moment?

But why all this right now, at a time when the Nokia-Microsoft deal is about to enter its final phase? About a month back when the famous @evleaks dude showed what Nokia was doing behind the iron curtain, it sparked everyone’s interest. And as big tech sites like The Verge and All Things D dug a little deeper, the unearthed real gold. Someone in the Finnish HQ confirmed that Nokia was indeed building an Android powered handset, which was once thought to be a last-resort solution.
So far then, it’s safe to conclude the wedding could actually be real.

The wedding bells…and blues.

What @evleaks snapped a month back was the groom sporting a cool black tuxedo, with a rather fat red bezel. The suit had no capacitative buttons except one. And there is some news as to how the bride is going to look on her special day too. She is going to wear a rather customised version of the original Android UI, much like on the Kindle tablets.

With the way things are going, we may finally hear the priest say, “I now pronounce you, man and wife” and the world will witness the first ever, much-awaited Android-powered Nokia handset, so far only known by its codename – Normandy.

The post-wedding tumult…

But the actual party will begin just after bride and groom will leave the venue in their ‘Just Married’ car.

On one side, there will be the typical nay-sayers. People who will predict the marriage won’t last too long. They will bring up awkward facts about the bride’s affair with Samsung, a Korean Plastic Giant’s scion, who had the world to its knees. But an alleged affair with a young girl called Tizen angered Android’s parents so much, they decided to do something about it.

And they did. They brought home Motorola, a legendary but dying name in the hardware business. May be they wanted to nurture it for a ‘match made in heaven’ experience for Android.

On the other hand, there will be those who will drop anything they have in their hands and run to the nearest store, or laptop and pre-order Normandy the moment it goes live. In the past, countless many have promised they would buy an Android powered Nokia phone in a blink. There is no harm in admitting this is going to be the best hardware running the most famous OS in the world.

The only possible gate crasher could be…Nokia’s new step-dad, Microsoft. With the deal almost finalised between them, they would push their own little offspring, Windows Phone OS, the world oh-so loves to hate, on this low end hardware. In fact, most tech forums echo the same sentiment, that the only thing stopping them from buying a Nokia handset today is the Windows Phone OS it runs.

Only time will tell who will change sides and who will stand true to their words. But in the meanwhile, let’s keep our shoes polished, ties knotted and the cuff-links ready. Who knows, with the way things are going, the wedding could just be round the corner.
And we just might be invited.

Source: The Verge , Evleaks


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