iOS 7 — Second thoughts on my first love.



Yes. I loathed iOS7 when it launched. Mocked it, hated it and completely looked the other way. So much so, I almost booked a Lenovo Windows 8.1 tablet.

Then…an update happened, 7.0.4. And before I knew it, all the known and annoying glitches were gone. Like that! *snaps fingers*.
On second thoughts, I promptly dropped my plans to go for a Windows tablet.

So what initially threw me off the cuff, brought me back, and convinced me to stay?
Let’s find out…

Faulty First Steps

When you first learn to walk, there is no way you just start to walk straight and go anywhere you want. You fall, trip and stumble until you get a good hold on your balance. Then you slowly and steadily take the first confident steps. 7.0.4 is that first confident step towards another long march by Apple.

When it launched, from the lock screen to the screen rotation, from the wallpaper to the app crashes, everything was a mess. For a good one month, I avoided working on my iPad Mini. Looked everywhere to see if there was a way to go back to iOS 6.x.x. Now after using it for a month, I reiterate my words, iOS 7 is going to go a long way…

The wallpaper issue, check. Lock screen bug, check. App crashes, still exist, but reduced drastically. Screen rotation, still exists. That’s 3 out of 4 in just a 0.4 update, not even X.1.
Apple, here’s your first point you earned for this speedy fix of everyday issues. Go party!

Beauty full of performance

Well here is the thing, I don’t appreciate something that just looks great. It has to perform as intended too. One of the biggest issues I have with Android, iOS’s ugly, distant cousin, is that it just doesn’t work. Now Android phones work on day one just fine. A month later, loaded with 200 apps, see it stutter and stumble like there is no tomorrow. It’s also the same reasons why I love Windows Phone. Throw anything at it and it just kills it. Anyways, so, just like the things started to work overnight magically, I started seeing this “next biggest update since iOS” in a new light. It’s beautiful.

It actually looks good AND performs well. So yes, that’s another point to you Apple. Take a bow Jonny.

What’s above beauty and performance?

Functionality. That’s the word. This is my underlying reason to stick to iOS. And no matter how much I love Windows Phone OS, I have no qualms in admitting that iOS 7 has a far more refined ecosystem.

While I was on a sabbatical from my Mini, I was constantly searching and researching the Windows App Store. And I have some very bad news. Three years later, it not only lacks useful and productive apps I was looking for, it even lacks developers’ interest. And this is clearly evident at the speed at which devs are taking to the platform.
I am typing away to glory on this awesome app called Daedalus. There is also iA Writer, which I don’t use, but acts as a good back up. I just prefer these two, but there are plenty more. There is of course Apple’s very own Pages, right from their suite of productive apps called iWork. Sadly, none of the former two exist on the Windows Store. But let’s be fair…there is Word…and that’s about it.
Moving on to reading, there is Kindle and Apple’s very own, iBooks that sits neatly on the dock of my Mini.
Windows has Nook and Kindle. But the latter is practically useless as it ONLY syncs books brought from the Kindle Store. Nook is decent, but again lacks the basic option of (my favourite) a page turn animation. So again, we have Apple in the lead.

Marching on…

If Apple fixed almost 3 issues out of 4, I am pretty confident of the OS and the company behind it. From what I am seeing, as I write, Apple has already released Beta 2 of 7.1 which has some more UI fixes along with tons of performance upgrades. Not bad. Not bad at all.


I really hated the Mini with the “ugly” iOS 7 on it when I saw it for the first time. But as I look at it more and more, it grew on me. It took iOS 6 almost 6 iterations to be as stable as it was at 6.1.3. iOS 7 is about to be released soon and the updates so far only look good.
There are so many things to be fixed, but with the way things are going, I am pretty confident it will only happen sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t have been so confident about it, had this been a Windows platform though.


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