The Thinking Robot.


“Are the machines just calculating or are they thinking?” ~ Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines.

Our machines have evolved, means our minds have progressed. Yet, even today, there is no device capable of reading the human mind, and there is no man-made mind for the machines. So I take a look at what the future holds for us in this pseudo-reality-themed article. Bear with me while I take you on this surreal journey through a time-tunnel into our ultimate destination, tomorrow.
Seat-belts on? Good.

The world of wearable computers, and removable human parts.

There is a Microsoft Kinect selling at your nearest gadget store. Something that reads and traces your body movement and gestures. It is one piece of modern technological wizardry I want to own. I think it is pretty cool. Microsoft is also apparently working on a mechanism that traces your eyesight. While Samsung was quick to implement (read: copy) this on their smartphones, it has met will little success and lot of laughter.
Then Google Glass basically opened the floodgates for any wearable piece of tech that could be paired with your smartphone. An extension of your smartphone, various parts of your body now belonged to cool machines, from watches to glasses and who knows what all.
I also recently read a about Motorola patenting a chip implant that could be “inserted” in your body. Of course, it is just patented and no way does that mean it’s happening for sure. But the point is something else.
Did you notice the graph on which our technology is moving?
Let me map it for you: Outside the body…On the body…inside the body.

Since when did evolving mean penetrating?

Ok, so let me go with the flow. Cut to about 20 years from now. The gadgets are invisible now. They are “imbedded” in our bodies, like tattoos. 3D holographic phone calls emerging from the tip of our fingers, blink replaces the click and right swipe of a finger means ‘Call Mom’.

Sounds cool? I bet. But if we were to continue like this, there will come a time when even this will be “outdated” and we will soon be exploring newer ways make our loves simpler. In short, new cool devices to boast about. If penetrating the body is inevitable, what stops us from thinking the mind won’t be invaded one day too?

Imagine a world where you just think and a call is made. The body, over time, will not even be “cyborged”, it will be left behind, where only the mind, the brain, will be connected directly to devices. Or maybe not even that.

I recently completed Biocentrism, a book by Dr Robert Lanza, where it is believed that consciousness is everything. And without consciousness, there is nothing. Now that IS something to think about.
Without consciousness, what have you learned? Nothing. Without consciousness nothing exists. And what if one day, you were to learn that you don’t need cool gadgets, fancy expensive devices, to do cool things. All you need to do is think. The only advantage we have over our four-legged ancestors.

A consciousness that goes deep into the human psyche, controlling emotional as well as physical aspects of the human body and devices that help you connect to the world.
Again, another theory, that there is nothing out there. Everything is in the mind.

I would like to end by posing a question though. Does this advancement of technology mean descend of mankind from the all supreme power walking on earth? Are we willingly giving away our position in bargain of a much better, comfortable lifestyle? And if so, will it be right for us to protest, when one day, the machines will take over and control us?


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