Apple What?  


Well, Apple announced the much bigger (and much anticipated) iPhone 6 in a grand event yesterday. But that wasn’t it. There was also the much talked-about Apple Watch…if that’s what it’s called.

After the iPad, this was the next “big revolution” in Apple’s line of hardware. But why so much fuss over a watch?

Let’s find out…

Ever been late to your own party?

From the very moment there has been a rumor that Apple is developing a watch, there are many companies to mimic that move. A move in fact not even taken by Apple yet.

Needless to say, it was a Koren company to monkey it first with their “Galaxy Gear” or whatever. While they could have had a first mover advantage in this game, they didn’t have anything but what looks like mediocre success. And typical to its strategy, they kept pumping out a new iteration every six months or a year.

Was Scamsung the only one to have “gear” hardware? Nope. There was LG, and Motorola, all displaying expensive wearables at the grand events. So, what Android did was beat Apple in its home turf. Apple’s big card has always been hardware. But what do you do when you have billions of dollars in your bank, a rich history of technological achievements, a design department that doesn’t know what to do next, and competitors who copy your idea even before you implement it? You hope. Hope people laud and whistle and catcall the new device like they did a decade ago. But that’s about it. I bet Tim Cook must have prayed harder than ever.

In short, Apple was late to their own party.

0.37% FASTER! But does it really matter?

If you go back in time and do a quick check on the announcements (and claims) Apple makes, you will see a pattern. It is all very carefully orchestrated, marked, measured and performed. Every new iPad is 23% faster. Every new iPhone is 47% snappier. But the question is, does it matter. It’s not like the users or fanboys or critics alike, are sitting with a meter in hand. And not that Apple is lying either. But again the question is, DOES IT MATTER. And I say no.

These are dark times for innovative ideas to surface. And if companies like Apple are tied down to making phones faster in meager percentage, I doubt they would last very long.

What I want to see is pure innovation, and not gimmickry on stage. Siri, by far is the biggest gimmick played by Apple. And it hasn’t worked very well yet, so far at least.

The day we all fret. The future.

To slightly digress, Amazon Fire Phone sold 35,000 units. For a billion dollar online retail empire, that amount is embarrassing. And insulting. But again, as our phones become smarter, the people holding them are no less. A consumer paying his hard earned money, knows a trick from a genuine innovation.

In the end, I remember how Steve Jobs had announced the iPad, a device that was first conceptualized in Arthur C Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, and stunned his audience, critics and fanboys alike. But yesterday’s event, where a “bigger” iPhone and a silly wrist watch was shown, I could only hear claps from the ardent followers and the team behind it.

Two months down the line if you ask someone about it, you will be only hearing, “Apple What?”


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