The Hare and Tortoise of the Techworld.


Let the world say, think and claim anything, but I personally think the time is up for Apple. It will be better for us to stop expecting them to “innovate” like they used once, at the earliest. I am not denying their talent or their capability. I doubt their vision. And that’s exactly what Steve Jobs was known to posses. A sharp eye, a strong inner instinct to gauge what would be loved and what could be laughed down. Not exactly Tim Cook’s forte. (NFC is your USP for selling a product in 2014? Bitch please!)

Android on the other hand, has neither shown a dip nor risen to great heights both in terms of design aesthetics or flagship hardware. We recently saw “material design” being launched at a long, banal and boring keynote along with the next version of Android, oddly called ‘L’. Clear dearth of intelligent minds, not only in software, but also the naming department I guess. And people clapped louder than ever, not because they loved it, but because they just wanted to get out of the dead-dull presentation that seemingly went on for two decades.

So what now? Whom do we look up to? Who is our savior? Can we consider something as “innovation”, even when Apple doesn’t do it? May be, but what?

Enter McLaren.


No, now before you react, I am not talking about the carmaker. I am talking about a Codenamed device doing the rounds from a popular Finnish establishment.

First the bad news. This reportedly rumored device is dead. Perhaps, a lie though. Only those things leak that ARE MEANT to be leaked. The Apple Watch wasn’t leaked even one bit. There were no shaky cam photos anywhere around the net. But iPhone 6? Right from the processor to the bezel, everything was leaked left, right and center. If you take a bird’s eye view of the situation, you realize, like I did, that most of the leaks happen ONLY when the company want it to. Some are genuine, of course. But the ratio is 2 is to 10.

So apparently “McLaren” is scrapped. Just some random guesses and a few documents later, we were told Microsoft has moved on, to their unifying vision of ‘One Microsoft’. Citing even the cost of such a device, one article that I read, the device was killed.

Now the good. So, why AM I thinking this device is a true innovation in these pressing times? To begin with, the device was rumored to have 3D Touch Gesture capabilities. What does that mean? It simply means, you don’t touch the device anywhere. You hover your fingers, hands and head, respectively to type, unlock and take calls. HOW COOL IS THAT? It was supposed to be a mobile version of the famous and groundbreaking XBOX Kinect. It was also supposed to have a 5.2 inch 1080p HD display, a 20MP shooter and 64 GB storage. Pretty mouth-watering if you ask me.

The device, if ever it comes out, would have cameras or sensors on the four corners, reading your gestures and movements.

So do I believe still believe this device exists? Yes. I do. And I also believe this is the trump card in Microsoft’s deck. They are just waiting for the right time to play it.

I also predict, just like IDC did, that Windows Phone would be very strong in 2016. We have 2 more years to go, but the way I see it, that’s 417 days for innovation.

Airplanes vs The Fridge-Tablets.

But is this not a gimmick like Siri? I don’t think so. The kind of deep hardware integration and usability to interact with the phone we are talking about here is far from a ploy. I may or may not ask Siri to set an appointment. But I am definitely going unlock my phone and make calls everyday.
And something that eases our day-to-day life, definitely gets appreciated and loved. Just take for instance, THE remote control, escalators, airplanes vs fridges with tablets n them, multi-window screens on phones and Siri.

Concluding this, I would like to say, the time for Microsoft has come to shine and over-shadow their competition, who are selling us crap in the name of innovation.

No matter how fast and clever the hare runs, the winner will be the tortoise. No matter whom you see as the hare, Apple of Google, the tortoise undoubtedly is Microsoft.

Slow and steady, wins the race, always.


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