Let’s zoom-in to the Camera bit.


With the Google Pixel stealing the show recently with its camera antiques, and a little before that, Apple trying to grab eye-balls for its own shooter installed in the iPhone 7, I was wondering why all this attention to the camera suddenly. To answer that question, I have a couple of theories.

Firstly, apart from the gigantic Mi Mix, there is barely any innovation today in the smartphones. And making them faster from the pervious version and the competition, is not working anymore as the audience has turned a little smarter. They have caught tech companies’ bluff, and realized it is nothing more than an eye-wash. So then the tech companies thought, there must be something that we should genuinely try and innovate in. And the next best option is, well, the camera.

When the Lumia 1020 was released with its ginormous 41 Mega Pixel shooter, it was a huge success. And not just in the realm of Windows fans, but also around it. So going back to the original question, why the camera? Well, honestly, I think that’s the only space left to innovate these days. OEMs are tired of putting faster chipsets, larger memories and longer battery life. But then what? Where does one go from here?

Hence, the camera tech. I for one, am not for this idea that someone would pick a phone ONLY for the camera. In fact, I had pointed this out at the time of Lumia 1020’s launch too. To me, the smartphone space is quickly running out of innovative techniques, keeping consumers hooked. Faster RAMs, longer batteries, larger memory, it’s all done. And this focus on the camera too isn’t going to last for long. And then there are “for the sake of innovation” innovations. The LG mods and the Moto Mods. How did even LG imagine someone would be detaching and attaching the “mods”. Just plain ridiculous.

Conclusively, I seriously think smartphone companies should look into the more practical side of a smartphone usage, and invent and innovate accordingly. Camera IS a good space to start that, but it can’t be a game changer.


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